Education and Outreach

The Corporate Wetlands Restoration Partnership (CWRP) believes it is vitally important to instill the necessity of preserving and protecting aquatic habitat in our children and future generations. To accomplish this, the CWRP has formed a partnership with the Coastal Ecosystem Learning Center (CELC) network.

The CELC network was established in 1996 by The Coastal America Partnership. The network combines the resources of federal agencies with marine educational centers which primarily consist of aquaria, museums and research centers. Today, there are 24 Learning Centers across the United States, Mexico and Canada working together to educate and involve the public in protecting our nation's coastal and marine ecosystems.

The goal of each CELC is to educate and involve the public in protecting our nation’s coastal and ocean ecosystem. The CELC’s provide information to the public in a creative and entertaining way and continuously evaluate and update their programs to ensure that their messaging resonates with the public.

The federal partnership provides each CELC with unique access to expert speakers, exhibit information, educational publications, training, field trip sites, research vessels and scientific data from around the country. The federal partnership also provides up-to-date information for the CELC’s to factor into exhibits, summer programs and community outreach.

The Corporate Wetlands Restoration Partnership provides financial support for the many CELC programs. This support generally covers travel costs associated with CELC staff training, field trips for school children, student education aboard the EPA research vessel and the National Student Summit on Oceans held in Washington, DC.

The CWRP is committed to supporting the CELC network and the educational services they provide to millions of visitors and participants each year.