Get Involved

CWRP participants are offered a unique opportunity to combine their contributions of money and in-kind goods and services with federal and other dollars, making this one-of-a-kind effort truly effective in restoring, protecting, preserving and enhancing our Nation’s aquatic habitats.

Members can participate in various ways:

  • Provide monetary contributions for project implementation
  • Provide in-kind services or staff to help research projects, design necessary improvements and implement solutions
  • Provide materials or equipment to make project ideas a reality.

As a member, your corporation benefits through:

  • Involvement in tangible projects that yield critical environmental improvements
  • Multiplication of your contributions by leveraging funds
  • Opportunities for employee involvement in CWRP projects
  • Enhanced working relationships with government agencies and officials, conservation organizations, community groups and academia
  • Positive publicity from media coverage, awards and recognition events
  • Promotion of your environmentally and socially conscious actions

Becoming a part of CWRP is easy. Contact us to get started.   Please call John MacKenzie @617-484-1155 or email