maine Corporate Wetlands Restoration Partnership

The Maine Corporate Wetlands Restoration Partnership is an innovative program bringing together businesses, environmental organizations, government agencies and academia to restore the state’s critically important wetlands, river systems and other aquatic habitats.

Since Governor Angus S. King, Jr. kicked off the Maine CWRP in July of 2000, Maine businesses have responded to this important effort. In just three years, the Maine CWRP has contributed $350,000 to wetlands restoration projects across the state, leveraging more than $2 million in federal funds—a greater than 5:1 ratio of federal monies to private contributions.

Businesses throughout Maine have been responding enthusiastically to the call for environmental stewardship by becoming members of the Maine CWRP. In addition to being identified with highly visible projects that offer significant environmental returns, CWRP members are provided with opportunities to interact with federal and state officials as well as members of environmental organizations.

For more information about the Maine CWRP, please contact the Maine CWRP State Lead: Marylee Hanley

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